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How to use a custom sound content path in SampleTank 4

To get started using IK Multimedia sound content, you must first install SampleTank 4 using the IK Product Manager. While we recommend new users use the default path to avoid issues, you can follow the steps below to customize your SampleTank 4 sound content directory.

  1. Launch SampleTank 4
  2. Navigate to the Sound Content page by clicking the gear icon in the lower right hand corner.

  3. Click Add and you will be able to select your Sound Content Location on this page. If you have not already, create a folder with the title of your choice. This can be on an internal or external drive.*
  4. Next, be sure to Remove the previous existing/default directories so that only your custom paths appear.

Once established, SampleTank 4 will scan the sound content database. If you had set up a new sound content directory, it will appear empty for now - until you install sound content.

If you own SampleTron 2, Syntronik 2, or SampleTank 3. The same steps can be followed in each application individually. After following these steps in each app, make sure to add these custom paths to SampleTank 4 if you wish to use them inside SampleTank 4.

For example, if you own all of these products and decide to use custom paths, inside SampleTank 4 you will have 4 paths selected (SampleTank 4, SampleTank 3, SampleTron 2, and Syntronik 2).

*The custom directory you set up here will be used by IK Product Manager to install your sound content.

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