20 Jun 2022

Filmmaking With Quattro I/O

Film Director Bryan Mir: “This is your everything solution for audio.”

Film Director Bryan Mir recently posted a video review of IK's new mobile audio interface, the iRig Pro Quattro I/O. He discusses how the Quattro I/O solves common problems and gives examples of how well the interface works in a variety of settings.

Bryan Mir has been working in post-production for over 20 years. From live concerts to corporate events and television commercials, Bryan's assignments can take him anywhere and now he's found the perfect interface for capturing audio on the go.

I'm in the field a lot. I'm all over the world. So to have a 4-channel, bus-powered interface with me at all times is a game-changer.

Bryan Mir

So much to say about this thing I don't really know where to start. You can pretty much handle anything that pops up in the field.

Bryan Mir

"I find myself in a lot of situations where I need more than two channels. One of the situations I like to use it in is small trio or quartet settings. I get everybody mic'd up direct, straight to camera or you can do streaming.

"There are a lot of digital recorders on the market that come with really complex menus and a lot of different setups can cause some issues, whereas this simply is just a 4-channel interface mixer.

I work with a lot of R&B artists that sing to stereo tracks. This allows me to mix a left and right channel in the third and fourth channels and put vocals on channel one and go straight to camera or stream.

Bryan Mir

"Whether I'm using iRig Recorder or I'm using Pro Tools or Logic, you can really fine-tune your setup based on your needs."

Learn more about iRig Pro Quattro I/O and the Deluxe version with X/Y stereo mic capsules HERE.


product image

iRig Pro Quattro I/O




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