16 Dec 2021

Why Pros Choose iLoud MTM

With GRAMMY-nominated Producer Marc Daniel Nelson

iLoud MTMs are fast gaining ground in major and mobile studios alike. With unbeatable portability, extended range and built-in acoustic self-calibration via the included ARC™ reference microphone, it's no surprise they're being put to work around the world in all sorts of spaces.

With credits ranging from Fleetwood Mac, Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat to films like Solo: A Star Wars Story, Blade Runner 2049 and Mulan, GRAMMY-nominated Producer and Mixing Engineer Marc Daniel Nelson relies on iLoud MTM Studio Monitors for mixing when he's traveling.

We spoke with Marc about why he loves the iLoud MTMs and here’s what he had to say: 

Usually, it takes me a week or so to learn speakers. Within the first evening, I totally felt comfortable on them and every move I decided to make seemed well approached. Some speakers, you start boosting stuff in certain areas. It didn't need any burn-in time. It's just been really fun, which is my entire motto. Be fun. Have fun. Make music!

Marc Daniel Nelson

What makes iLoud MTM special?

"The big thing I've been doing is traveling and being able to mix from different areas. So the number one thing I had to look for if I wasn't going to be in my normal, traditional environment, was a speaker that not only would be portable but something that actually had power, that would never self-compress.

Once you engage the DSP and get your speakers tuned up, not only am I getting the low end, I'm getting the power. I can listen to it quietly and still hear the low end.

Marc Daniel Nelson

"The other thing I look for is how much bass can I get out of it. If I'm not hearing the low end on things I need to hear it on, then it's going to be pointless. With headphones, you can get a little bit of the low-end thing figured out, but you're not hearing how it's going to relate to a room."

What makes MTM a keeper?

"One thing people know about me is the over obsessive focus on detail, to be accurate in the long term. When you're dealing with headphones or speakers, it's got to be there for the long run. Sometimes, you say "OK, it's going to cost more and it's going to be better." But that's totally not true.

The more I talked to certain people in the industry, the more I found that they are also using these as a second option or a portable option. I don't think I would have ever known about them if I didn't need them for traveling.

Marc Daniel Nelson

"You're only really as good as your speakers. Tuning them to the room you're going to understand the balance. But if I hit stop on a snare, you're going to hear that trail of the room ambiance. In headphones, you're not getting that.

"You can get everything you need out of it in a room that's not treated. It's insane!"

Experience the award-winning iLoud MTM for yourself.


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