14 Jul 2021

UNO Synth Pro: Sound Design

Synth Anatomy: "IK Multimedia takes its UNO Synth to the pro level."

Recently Synth Anatomy published a video review on UNO Synth Pro, which demonstrates the sound-shaping power of its analog morphing oscillators. There is also a printed version of the review that describes further the controls and functions of IK's new analog synth.

Synth Anatomy is a music technology website based in Vienna, which focuses mainly on hardware and software related to electronic music production. It publishes both videos and printed reviews of gear on the Synth Anatomy YouTube channel and the Synth Anatomy news page.

USP's analog morphing oscillators

Here are some highlights from the printed review in its current state. There should be future updates as the writer continues to explore UNO Synth Pro in depth.

First impressions

"When I unpacked it, I noticed straight away that the UNO Synth Pro (keyboard) is relatively heavy. Anyone who expected a light instrument like the Korg opsix is wrong here."

On the interface

"The Italian developers headed by Enrico Dell'Aversana opted for a matrix interface that can be operated with knobs and buttons for the user interface. The matrix consists of 8 blocks, each of which covers a synthesis area with dedicated shortcut buttons on the left.

"The same game on the right. Under the tiny display there are further buttons with which you can, for example, reach the arpeggiator or sequencer or open the preset manager. Everything works as intended. In the lower middle area, 16 square buttons give you full control over the sequencer but also are door openers for deeper features like FM on the oscillators."

"Yes, it's simple and intuitive to me, no question. Thanks to the big lettering, the operation is self-explanatory."

USP has two solid filters that are more than just filters, they are beautiful sound shapers.

Synth Anatomy


"Instead of two full analog oscillators like the little UNO Synth, the US Pro has three in total. These are morphing analog oscillators with continuously variable shapes. You can morph between triangle, sawtooth, square, and pulse waves.

"I really liked the intermediate timbres of the oscillators that give you waveforms with more harmonics. So everything between triangle & sawtooth, sawtooth & square... With a little modulation, you get very unusual sounds.

"The shaping area is extensive and offers many shaping options. Above all, the option to morph the waveforms makes the whole thing even deeper and more versatile."

Dual analog filters

"The filter section of the UNO Synth Pro is special. It consists of two analog filters (dual filter engine) that work independently.

"The possibility of using both filters together frees you up for beautiful, special timbres. Setting the filters in serial with highpass for the first, and lowpass for the second gives you a tweakable bandpass filter.

"USP has two solid filters that are more than just filters, they are beautiful sound shapers. They are either very classic filters or go beyond classic filtering if you interconnect them in an interesting way.

"And it's important to say, this was only a part of the filter spectrum, as you can explore up to 24 different filter modes (combinations) in the UNO Synth Pro. And this, in combination with individually adjustable modulation per filter and spacing functionality gives you a real filter paradise."

Read the full Synth Anatomy article here

Learn more on Uno Synth Pro


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