2 Jul 2021

MTM: Optimal Studio Monitors

Learn why Beat magazine considers iLoud MTM a top choice

Beat magazine recently published a market survey of affordable studio monitors with some recommendations. And IK's iLoud MTM monitors were a top choice for providing pro sound to home or project studios.

Before giving their opinion of iLoud MTM, Beat discusses what's important when it comes to monitoring. Below are their three main points.

What's interesting is that these read like a checklist of what iLoud MTM monitors provide via their linear and detailed sound, room-correction functionality, and built-in speaker stand mounts.

1. Sound matters

"High-Quality monitoring equipment is the most important tool for evaluating the mix. Instead of a glossy hi-fi sound image, a neutral, honest sound is more important."

2. Nearfield monitoring

"Your listening position should provide optimal conditions for accurate assessment of your mixes; however, the acoustic properties of the room strongly influence the sound experience."

3. Proper speaker placement

"For a loudspeaker to sound good and deliver powerful bass impulses, it should preferably be placed upright on a solid, height-adjustable speaker stand."

The impulse fidelity and the powerful bass in particular, surprised us positively in the test.

Beat magazine

Beat on iLoud MTM monitors

"It's remarkable what voluminous and detailed sound comes out of the compact iLoud MTM active monitors from IK Multimedia. These very compact speakers show their strengths, particularly in the cramped desktop studio.

"Integrated into the speaker is a system for measuring the room using the supplied measuring microphone. The MTMs also reproduce mids and highs in detail and realistically and mercilessly reveal errors in the mix.

"The bass is phenomenal considering the size of the speakers, and the sound remains highly resolved."

Beat verdict

"The speaker arrangement efficiently compensates for acoustic problems in the room when combined with the integrated automatic calibration. The impulse fidelity and the powerful bass, in particular, surprised us positively in the test."

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