29 Jul 2021

PraiseTracks on Electromagnetik and Cinekinetik

Simeon Amburgey leads us on a journey to lush and exotic sounds

In a recent post to his YouTube channel, Simeon Amburgey unpacks the sounds of Electromagnetik and Cinekinetik, IK's newest sound collections for SampleTank 4. Each contains 4 different libraries with abundant presets and effects modules.

Over the years, Simeon has brought his unique style and energy to many parts of the United States and the world, playing and arranging for soloists, vocal groups and other ministries. He's an enthusiastic reviewer of software for keyboard players with many published videos.

If you're curious about Electromagnetik or Cinekinetik, watch and enjoy as Simeon takes us on a journey to new sounds.

Let's play!

Simeon on Electromagnetik

Stage 73 Mark V, an upgraded Rhodes piano with bright tone

"This has just got Harold Rhodes' signature all over it. I just love the chorus. That's just got such a nice tone to it."

Electric Piano Bass, the original Rhodes keyboard bass

"It's designed to give you a fatter sound. It's just got a funky sound to it. When you have all of the textures it really makes it fun."

Wurly Model 120, an alternative stage piano with unique tone

"It just has that distinctive sound. Just the grit, just that grit! (With the wah) Yeah, that's a lot of fun."

Electric Grand C70P, the legendary stage piano from the '70s

"This grand really brings back a lot of memories. I like having that nice stereo imaging there. I love having these nice presets available."

The effects are a big star of the show. It just gives you that extra flexibility to take those core sounds and take them even further.

Simeon Amburgey

...on Cinekinetik

Shipwreck Piano, a cinematic upright piano with atmospheric spaces

"This is great. I think this is exactly what this library is after, and that's just the initial patch. It actually gives you the feeling that they've dropped it in an immersive environment."

Fractured Piano, mesmerizing and unorthodox prepared piano sounds

"So this is getting into some really bizarre territory. That's crazy. It's creating those spaces. Just full of grit and crunch and all of that crazy stuff."

Malletopia, Chromatic percussion with vast articulations and spaces

"How beautiful and crisp that is. It's really cool discovering all the different sounds, how different materials of the mallets cause the sound to be a little bit different."

Malletension, mangled, otherworldly chromatic percussion

"It just kind of immerses you in that. And you hear the nice pads. Having Malletopia and the Malletension is a really cool thing because you get the best of both worlds."

Learn more on Electromagnetik

Learn more on Cinekinetik

Visit Simeon's YouTube channel HERE


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