16 Aug 2021

SynthMania Tests UNO Synth Pro

“Great-sounding synthesizer and I feel we just scratched the surface!”

SynthMania recently posted an overview video on UNO Synth Pro with all positive things to say about IK's latest analog synthesizer. The reviewer presents its primary sound-shaping features and demonstrates 20 factory presets, choosing ones that represent a good variety of what UNO Synth Pro is capable of doing.

Paolo Di Nicolantonio has been reviewing synthesizers since 2008 on his SynthMania YouTube channel. He has over 146K subscribers and 33M views so far. A great player, he knows how to demonstrate the capabilities of each product he reviews and does so with unbiased authority. Watch and learn about UNO Synth Pro.

SynthMania on UNO Synth Pro

"The keyboard is very solid. It's heavier than what I was expecting. The chassis is metal. It's got a heft to it. And all the buttons and knobs are very responsive. So very well made.

"And like the original UNO Synth, the excellent arpeggiator can be programmed per patch.

This is a cool-sounding filter sweep sound, which is really extreme. You don't hear this type of sound very often. Great filters on this machine!


"Let's take a look at the front-panel editing capabilities. This is extremely user-friendly with the modulation matrix.

"Let's check out the overdrive. Definitely a great-sounding analog overdrive, very biting.

"Many keyboard players use analog modules and with these CV gate ins and outs, actually 2 of them, you can control several other pieces of equipment in that format.

"Really great-sounding synthesizer and I feel we just scratched the surface. I plan to make more videos with it in the future."

Learn all about UNO Synth Pro

Catch SynthMania HERE


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