12 Aug 2021

A Novice Demos UNO Synth Pro

Visuals Producer: “IK’s UNO Synth Pro is nothing short of amazing!”

Visuals Producer recently published a very positive review of UNO Synth Pro Desktop. The author is not an expert in analog synthesizers and so represents what it's like for a novice to explore and create sounds with UNO Synth Pro.

Essentially a one-man show, Visuals Producer mostly reviews the latest products in the graphic design, photography, audio and video markets, as well as the occasional sidestep into the analog world. And that's where we find UNO Synth Pro.

There's a link below to the full article where you can hear an audio sample created by the reviewer on UNO Synth Pro

Some key points from the review:

"The UNO Synth Pro comes with over 100 presets. You can use them as they are, but if you're interested in creating your own signature sound, then each of these can be used as a starting point.

"The most puristic starting point, however, is the first empty slot which has the basic synthesizer sound, a straight no-frills note. It's here that I started my journey.

If you're a novice in the analog synthesizer world, you will do what I did: experiment. And experimenting with the UNO Synth Pro makes for a lot of fun.

Visuals Producer

"I continued experiments with the UNO Synth Pro and started succeeding in creating interesting sounds that would be worthy of publishing or sharing.

"When I compare what I got out of the UNO Synth Pro with what I manage to get out of Auddict's Hexeract or Apple's Alchemy, the UNO Pro's results are nothing to sneeze at. This synth is no toy; it can hold its own when compared to these two polyphonic heavyweights.

"And after having tried out almost every feature, I today found out that I have still not covered everything the UNO Synth Pro is capable of."

Learn more on the UNO Synth Pro

Read the full Visuals Producer article HERE


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