16 Aug 2021

Comparing UNO Synth Pros

Starsky Carr: “Small analog synth, massive analog sounds!”

We recently sent Starsky Carr the UNO Synth Pro Desktop for review. He liked it so much that after two weeks he purchased the more expensive version featuring a full-size Fatar keybed!

With over 30K subscribers on his YouTube channel, Starsky Carr is well-respected for his thorough reviews and demos of synths and music technology. In the video below, he shares a song he produced solely with UNO Synth Pro and then gives an in-depth tutorial on much of its programming and sound-shaping functionality.

Vintage analog tones in a modern body

Some quotes from the video:

"The desktop version is really light and nimble and I took that away with me on holiday. I liked it so much after playing with it, taking it to the beach, having a little jam around, that when I got back here, I fancied one with keys so I bought myself the big one.

There are some lovely little growls in that. Absolutely fabulous. That sounds like an analog synth, and it is!

Starsky Carr

"That's quite nice because playing the chords, depending on which key you hit first, changes the oscillator that's playing it. So, if you don't quantize what you've done, you get some really nice variations.

"I'm just trying to show all the different things you can do with those two filters. They just sound so nice and old school. It will be nice to see this visually. There's an app* in the works and it should be out in August 2021. 

"I really like the tone of it. I know I'm going on about that, but when you look at it, it looks like a modern synth, but it sounds like an old one when you listen to it. It's really weird actually, but really nice.

"IK Multimedia is known for its effects. They've got this absolutely brilliant thing out at the moment called MixBox. I've been playing around with it. It's brilliant. And it just reminds me of how good IK Multimedia's effects are. And they're in here.

"So, a really nice-sounding synth! The very fact that I was sent one of these to demo and I've now bought a more expensive version might tell you a little bit about how much I like the sound of these things."

Learn more on UNO Synth Pro

*See the new UNO Synth Pro Editor

Visit Starsky Carr's YouTube channel HERE


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