8 Sep 2021

Darude on UNO Synth Pro

“Definitely a keeper in my workflow, even more so with the upcoming editor plug-in.”

IK recently caught up with platinum-selling DJ and record producer Darude, who shared his first impressions of UNO Synth Pro.

"I really like the immediacy of the front panel. Everything's right there for the tweaking. It's quite straightforward to dive deeper for anybody who's been around synths before and even a beginner gets cool sounds out of it and can tweak them right off the bat.

It's pretty crazy that both gnarly bass growls or delicate little bell tinkles come out. The effects are a huge bonus. The apps and sequences inspire for hours.


"I unboxed my desktop UNO Synth Pro with my kids and they were hooked immediately. They were turning knobs and pushing buttons endlessly.

"I had to pry it out of their little hands to take it to the studio where I went through some sounds and used a bass one in a track in the first session!

"Definitely a keeper in my workflow and even more so with the upcoming editor plug-in. Truly the best of both worlds!"

About Darude

Finnish music producer, DJ and artist Darude is a self-proclaimed tech nerd and a music lover whose career took flight with the release of "Sandstorm" in 1999. Since then he has recorded four studio albums.

Darude's music is characterized by its progressive/uplifting style and he represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 with the song "Look Away."

We look forward to hearing UNO Synth Pro in Darude's next project.

Visit the official Darude website HERE

Learn more on UNO Synth Pro


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