15 Sep 2021

24 Best Synthesizers in 2021

UNO Synth and UNO Synth Pro are top picks in their price range for MusicRadar

MusicRadar has published its ranking of the best synthesizers in 2021. The list features 24 keyboards, modules and semi-modular synths. UNO Synth and UNO Synth Pro figure prominently.

Here's what MusicRadar says about UNO Synth Pro, positioned at #5 in terms of low price with a combined score of 4.5/5.

"UNO Synth Pro is an analogue synth, very much the big brother of the UNO Synth. It is available as a full-size and much more expensive keyboard version or a desktop unit with touch keys. The keyboard version is obviously larger, sporting a heavy-duty metal enclosure, as well as physical wheels for pitch and mod. Those differences – and the keyboard version's power socket – aside, the two are identical.

Shames more expensive synths with functions and features you'd expect to pay twice as much for.

MusicRadar on UNO Synth Pro

"UNO Synth Pro sports three analogue VCOs and a white noise generator, all with some great tone-shaping options. Each of the three oscillators has continuous wave shape variations from saw to pulse width, with modulation. There are two analogue state variable filters, with dedicated cutoff and resonance controls.

"The potentiometers all feel smooth and firm, with a nice amount of resistance and, while the filter controls are dedicated, the function of most changes is dependent on the active menu. There is also a fantastic modulation matrix, which is a doddle to use; fast and powerful, belying its appearance.

"With a great sequencer and some fantastic effects – although not many of them – this is a great synth for the money with a really simple workflow. All in all, it is a fine instrument and one that definitely punches over its weight class, in terms of sound and functionality."

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Here's MusicRadar on UNO Synth, the lowest-priced keyboard to make their list with an overall score of 4.5/5.

"The look of Uno may prove a bit divisive. Its slanted profile and push-button control panel have a retro charm, but it's a design that brings to mind the early days of home computers more than any vintage analogue synth. The lower part of the push button interface is taken up by a 27-note 'keyboard' for live playing, or to input notes for the onboard sequencer or arpeggiator. Despite all of this, Uno is an excellent-sounding, versatile analogue monosynth, and you do get a lot for your money.

A super-cheap, quirky analogue monosynth that delivers where it counts.

MusicRadar on UNO Synth

"The presets offer a ton of highly usable sounds, and we could certainly see this becoming a go-to instrument for classic basses and leads. The arp and sequencer are great for inspiring ideas, and a software editor adds to the allure. If you can cope with a few compromises, Uno is a great source of classic, punchy analogue sounds at a bargain price."

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