20 Sep 2021

UNO Synth Pro Video Demo

Watch as Mattias Holmgren dives in and tests IK’s new analog synthesizer

UNO Synth Pro is inspiring positive reviews from around the globe. In this video, YouTube music production specialist Mattias Holmgren from Sweden dives deep into the workings of IK's new analog synth, demonstrating its main features and sound-shaping capabilities.

Since this review was recorded, IK Multimedia has released the UNO Synth Pro Editor for Mac/PC, which makes programming much faster and easier with the ability to create, save and share a limitless number of presets.

Quotes from the demo

"The UNO Synth Pro is the successor or next generation of the original UNO Synth. I've had the original UNO Synth since a few years back and I really love the light package and analog sound.

The UNO Synth Pro is a more mature analog synthesizer upgraded with new features and a red and elegant metal chassis. It's basically built like a tank and is also updated with tons of connectivity.

Mattias Holmgren

"The UNO Synth Pro is a monophonic synth, but includes a paraphonic mode, which makes it possible to divide the three oscillators and play three-note chords.

"The keypad on the UNO Synth Pro is a really nice semi-weighted Fatar keybed. And it also has aftertouch.

"The filter of the UNO Synth Pro is a dual filter. You first have the filter from the first generation of the UNO Synth and you also have a brand new SSI filter. There are tons of possibilities to create really nice filter sweeps and all kinds of combinations.

The sequencer and the arpeggiator give you a lot of options to create and program sequences on the UNO Synth Pro.

Mattias Holmgren

"My conclusion regarding the UNO Synth Pro, I think it's an excellent analog synthesizer. It's great that we have the three oscillators and the dual filters sound awesome, especially in combination when you do cross modulations.

"I really like the gritty analog overdrive within the synth and the modulation, reverb and delays sound excellent. Most of the time analog synths don't even have these onboard effects. So it's great that we have that in the UNO Synth Pro."

Learn more on UNO Synth Pro

Visit Mattias Holmgren's YouTube Channel HERE


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