22 Sep 2021

Fender Collection 2 Demo

VuDu Studios: “The sound quality is amazing! Really fun to dig into.”

Frank Mitaritonna of VuDu Studios just tried out IK's Fender Collection 2 for AmpliTube 5. In this new video, watch him play through the collection's iconic amps and experiment with different settings.

Along the way, the audio engineer makes observations on how and why the Fender Collection 2 sounds so good within AmpliTube 5. Hear for yourself!

Quotes from the demo

"AmpliTube 5 has stepped it up. The sound quality is amazing. The configurations are endless. I'm having a blast with all this.

Right off the bat, I love the way you can hear that natural tube compression of these low-wattage amplifiers

Frank Mitaritonna on the '53 Bassman

"The really cool thing I hear is even when you pull the bass down it doesn't just make the sound thinner. You still hear the sound of the cab. You still hear the resonance of those speakers.

You can hear when that treble cranks with the Presence control. It's actually affecting the headroom of the amp. They actually modeled the full responsiveness of these. It's really astounding.

Frank Mitaritonna on the '57 Custom Twin

"A very accurate recreation of the stuff that I know and a history lesson of the stuff I don't. I highly recommend checking these amps out."

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