29 Sep 2021

Creative Sauce on AXE I/O Solo

"What I’d like to focus on here is value for money."

Recently Creative Sauce posted a very positive and thorough review of AXE I/O Solo. The YouTube channel is a popular source for learning about gear and everything to do with recording, mixing and releasing music.

In this video, the reviewer emphasises what a terrific deal the AXE I/O Solo is with all the impressive IK software that comes included. He also demonstrates how solid and versatile the audio interface is.

Quotes from the review

"Not only is this hardware very interesting indeed, but the software that comes with it is extremely significant.

"The Z-Tone knob is essentially an impedance control, which will have the effect of changing the character of the sound a little. All the way to the left and you get a more crisp sound. All the way to the right and it's a little warmer and thicker.

Right there we have a lot more control over the character of our input than most interfaces offer.

Creative Sauce

"Although a massive part of this product is the amp simulation, it also caters really well to more traditional ways of recording electric guitar and bass. This means we can record both the dry signal and the mic'd up amp at the same time. No need for splitters or anything.

"If you decide later that you want to change the sound of the amp or maybe even the amp itself, then you can send the recorded sound straight out again here to the amp and re-record just the sound of the amp without having to perform the part again.

There's no doubt this is a quality audio interface, great for recording guitar and bass because it's got those specific features.

Creative Sauce

"But you can also use it for other sources as well like vocals and use it as your main audio interface for mixing.

"What I'd like to focus on here is value for money. For $249, it's like you're getting a set of awesome software and they've thrown in a free audio interface as well and it's no slouch. What's not to like!"

Learn more on AXE I/O Solo

Visit the Creative Sauce YouTube channel HERE


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