4 Jan 2022

"IK Is Serious About Hardware"

Engadget reviews UNO Synth Pro

Engadget recently reviewed our UNO Synth Pro desktop analog synthesizer. Comparing its features and sound to other synths in its price range and beyond, they conclude that UNO Synth Pro stands out for its incredibly rich sound quality.

Familiar with our earlier product lines of mobile interfaces and MIDI controllers, Engadget admits they were skeptics when they heard of an IK synthesizer line with the release of the original UNO Synth. After spending time with UNO Synth, UNO Drum, and now UNO Synth Pro they are able to say that IK Multimedia is "serious about hardware". With much excitement surrounding the sheer quality of the sound, the oscillators, and the filters.

I will admit to being skeptical of the Uno Pro, but once I started exploring it I was a convert.


All in all, UNO Synth Pro is packed with features that can't be denied. From a true analog engine to the 12 onboard studio effects, 16-slot modulation matrix, and so much more, this little beast is comparable to synthesizers in much higher price ranges.

There are plenty of other great sounding monophonic instruments out there for about the same price, like the Korg Monologue, but they lack the depth and feature set of the Uno Pro.


Ending the review with a score, the UNO Synth Pro ultimately gets an Engadget score of 83 for the "rich oscillators, two excellent filters, solid selection of digital effects, and endless sound design options."

Check it out for yourself! Read the full review on Engadget.


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