13 Sep 2021

MusicRadar Demos X-DRIVE

The first X-GEAR series pedal to be given a full run-through

Recently, MusicRadar published an article on IK's new digital effects pedals. Here's what they have to say about AmpliTube X-GEAR in general and X-DRIVE in particular.

"The reputation of AmpliTube 5 carries a lot of weight, so when IK Multimedia announced a series of four X-GEAR effects pedals using its modeling power, they automatically became one of 2021's key gear releases. And now we can finally hear a full demo of one ahead of release; the X-Drive distortion pedal."

"With 16 different AmpliTube 5 drive algorithms there's a wide range here and the demo above goes through them all. From Modern to Metal, Crunch and 'Fuzzace' and all destinations between

"The X-GEAR pedals are designed for standalone use but will seamlessly save and export your sounds to and from AmpliTube 5 to bring the stage and home studio closer together. The SE version of the acclaimed guitar modeling software is included too.

"The series will also feature the X-Space Reverb, X-Time Delay and X-Vibe Modulation. The Reverb and Delay units feature algorithms that have been specially designed for the X-GEAR series too.

"The X-GEAR pedals are available to order now at €299.99, but the IK Multimedia store offers the chance to save €100 if you order two for €499.99, or save €150 if you order three at €749.99. Order all four at €999.99 and you can save €200."

Learn more on AmpliTube X-GEAR

See MusicRadar's full article HERE


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