20 Oct 2021

Dimebag Darrell CFH Demo

Phil Demmel: “I dare you to pull this stuff up and not play those riffs!”

We're back at VuDu Studios with a new video on the Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection, which sounds better than ever in AmpliTube 5!

Both the CFH Collection and AmpliTube 5 are part of IK's 25 Anniversary Group Buy happening through October 31 HERE. Don't miss out.

Watch as Phil Demmel (VIO-LENCE, BPMD) plays through all the gear and discusses Dimebag Darrell's tone and legacy.

Quotes from the demo

"We're going to demo through the Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection for AmpliTube 5. We're going to try out some of these amps and effects and see what they sound like.

"His EQ is a huge part of the sound. Just really heavy tone-shaping before the amp and then just all gain from those amps. It's just the sound of the record. No tweaking necessary. It comes right up and sounds fantastic.

Loving the response. Man. That's it. That's the sound. You can recognize that tone with the record, right off the bat.

Phil Demmel

"Every little bit of the signal chain is accounted for: the flanger in the effects loop, the stereo split and the different delay settings.

"If anything, this is an amazing home base to start from and branch out. If you don't want to sound exactly like Dime, you've got this incredible foundation to start with and do your own thing.

This is based off the Roland JC 120. That is glassy. That is so good. Every bit of it.

Phil Demmel

"I love how the core elements of his sound are in there. All of the era-specific sounds. I dare you to pull this stuff up and not play those riffs. It's impossible.

"Thank you so much, Darrell, for doing all the work for people to plug in and just grab all your tone. That's what he was about, sharing and really giving. And in this sense, we all get to share with him. Right on, Darrell. Thank you, man!"

Learn more on the Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection for AmpliTube 5


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