17 Dec 2021

UNO Synth Pro Explained

Automatic Gainsay: “This instrument is capable of a great deal in spite of its calm exterior.”

In this 8th video on UNO Synth Pro, composer, synthesist, and educator Marc Doty of Automatic Gainsay demonstrates the modular functionality of IK's latest analog synth. 

This episode on the Matrix is recommended viewing to appreciate how UNO Synth Pro offers the capabilities of a massive modular rack of gear inside its "calm exterior."

There are a few audio samples played during the demonstration. But mostly, Marc explains systematically how far you can go with UNO Synth Pro's modular design and shares some concepts about what it means for sound creation. 

Marc uses the larger UNO Synth Pro model with Fatar keybed for the demo, but everything mentioned applies equally to the desktop model.

Next, we're going to talk about a really impressive functionality that exists in the seemingly simple UNO Synth Pro, which is the Matrix.

Marc Doty on UNO Synth Pro

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On UNO Synth Pro's modular design

"There's a certain economy in this interface, but internally there's a modular setup system. You define what functions modulate which outcomes, which makes this go from a relatively simple analog synthesizer to basically a modular synthesizer.

"All you have to do to begin is press the "Matrix" button. When we do so, we see the matrix down here with Mod, Source, Destination and Amount, which is super simple.

You're just making a patch from the source to the destination and deciding the amount. That's as simple as it is.

Marc Doty

"There's so much possibility because UNO Synth Pro makes use of digital control of analog technology. So you can have things like virtual modularity, which is what this is, controlling analog functions.

"Then there are CV inputs on the back so it can interface with your modular system and you can get wave modulations in from your external system.

"Once you've made your choice of what channel, what source, what destination amount, in the fade-in section you can then decide for which of those 16 channels that effect fades in, which I think is just over-the-top crazy, but definitely fantastic.

That's some complex stuff. You can get some very interesting effects doing such complex things.

Marc Doty

"This is where you set your mod wheel, where you set your LFO, and where you can make a lot of your functionality vary over time in very complex ways. So this instrument is capable of a very great deal in spite of its rather calm exterior."

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