31 Jan 2022

VuDu Studios Demos MESA/Boogie

“I love the clarity that comes from Boogies.”

Frank Mitaritonna of VuDu Studios just tried out IK's MESA/Boogie and MESA/Boogie 2 for AmpliTube 5.

In this 2nd video, Frank tries out all of the new models in MESA/Boogie 2, which includes 3 ground-breaking amps from MESA's current line-up and one of their most desirable models from the past.

The California Tweed never hairs out. It never gets unplayable. It just sounds beautiful and musical at every setting. You can push it. You get the character of the push, but it never becomes unruly. I love this thing.

Frank Mitaritonna

In this 1st video, watch as Frank plays through the original MESA/Boogie collection of classic models. Along the way, the audio engineer makes observations on how and why MESA/Boogie sounds so good within AmpliTube 5. Hear for yourself!

MESA/Boogie amps have always been forward-thinking and crammed with a lot of features. So a key to the sounds is knowing the under-the-hood options: the push/pulls, the back panels, the power amp controls ... that a lot of other amplifiers don't give you.

Frank Mitaritonna

Don't have AmpliTube 5 yet? Click HERE to download AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop for free. MESA/Boogie will sound amazing inside plus you'll get 42 other amps and FX, yours to keep.

Learn more on AmpliTube 5

Explore all the killer tones of MESA/Boogie and try the free demo HERE.


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