2 May 2022

Dipswitch Demos X-SPACE

Hear a variety of the reverb pedal's exotic spaces and shimmering sounds

Watch as Dipswitch Demos takes on IK's X-SPACE reverb pedal using a variety of its effects and showing off how they all sound mixed together in a song. This video will give you a taste of what you can create with X-SPACE.

If you already have any version of AmpliTube 5, including the FREE AmpliTube 5 CS, you can explore the X-SPACE plug-in for yourself within the app.

Quotes from the review

"Some of my favorite reverb sounds ever have come from plug-ins, whether that's Logic's own reverb plug-ins, AmpliTude 5's plug-ins or Neural DSP's plug-ins. Plug-in reverbs seem to be the most detailed. So I was interested when IK Multimedia said they were going to make a reverb pedal.

"The focus with this reverb pedal seems to be particularly shimmer reverbs and pitch-shifted reverbs. For example, we have two different Shimmers in here each focusing on different harmonies and pitch-shifting: one sort of the upper frequencies and one the lower.

I love it when a shimmer reverb has a lower octave. That's such a cool, thick sound.

Dipswitch Demos

"Another standout algorithm for me is the Bloom. It sort of expands and adapts as you let it decay, especially when you crank up that decay time. It's really, really cool.

"Familiar controls on the top. Time, which is the decay of the reverb. Usually, what would be called decay. Pre-delay is really cool and this is a control you don't often see on rival pedals, but I love the addition of it here. It basically adjusts the time or, at least, the delay in which the reverb is activated after you play.

I like having this pre-delay reasonably high. Actually, it tends to separate your dry signal from the reverb sound giving you more clarity.

Dipswitch Demos

"I always like to have dark reverb modulation. It's nice to be able to add a bit of modulation to every single reverb and then your overall mix. All of these reverb sounds also go to 100% wet, which I appreciate along with these controls."

Visit the Dipswitch Demos YouTube channel HERE.

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AmpliTube X-SPACE reverb


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