30 Aug 2022

Ding Dong Uses MTMs for Atmos

Ding Dong Audio's Flagship Store gets MTM Bundle for its Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 system

Ding Dong Audio opened their Beijing Flagship Store in June 2022, with a Dolby Atmos®️ demo room using IK's new iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle. Why MTM?

The MTM design often called "virtual coaxial" in the hi-fi audio world, provides ultra-precise, defined, point-source sound. Automatic calibration can be performed by simply connecting the included ARC measurement microphone and pressing the CAL button. The clarity of sound and the precise imaging of the sound beyond the price range were the keys to the choice of iLoud MTM.

MTM at Ding Dong Flagship Store

Our interview with company founder, Mr. Ding Dong:

IK: What is the purpose of this room?

Ding Dong: Dolby Atmos has become very popular worldwide, and Dolby China is also vigorously promoting Dolby Atmos. Many studios take Dolby Atmos into account when constructing a studio. However, the per capita housing area in China is relatively small. And the number of home studios is large.

So we used iLoud MTM in a room of less than 10 square meters to create a Dolby Atmos demo room, so that more people working in the home studio can experience how they can configure Dolby Atmos in a small space.

IK: Why did you choose iLoud MTM?

Ding Dong: iLoud MTM is very compact and versatile. It can be integrated into any room. The sound is first-class in speakers of the same size. After comparing speakers of the same size, we think iLoud MTM is more suitable for providing accurate sound in a small studio. Moreover, the price of MTM is relatively low. The cost of 11 speakers is around 3000 RMB, which is acceptable for home studio owners.

MTM in Atmos demo room

IK: How do they work? Are you satisfied with the result?

Ding Dong: In our MTM showroom, we use a Mac with the M1 chip with Antelope Galaxy 32 for the audio interface. Because Galaxy 32 has just released the Dolby Atmos firmware update, it is easy to control the whole setup. IK Multimedia does not have a subwoofer, so we choose KRK as the subwoofer. Other speakers in the 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos configuration are 11 x iLoud MTMs.

We use Logic Pro and ProTools to demonstrate projects to customers. Every customer was impressed when they heard the sound. iLoud MTM is small but powerful. Its sound is very shocking. Several customers have purchased a set of 11 x iLoud MTM already. We are happy with our choice.

IK: How did you mount those speakers?

Ding Dong: We use WEIDA WD-408 for the ceiling bracket, a small speaker suspension bracket that can be adjusted and locked at multiple angles. And we use microphone stands for other speakers. It is easy to mount iLoud MTM speakers thanks to its 3/8" thread at the bottom.

iLoud Micros with T-RackS workstation

Visit Ding Dong Audio's Beijing Flagship Store

Ding Dong Audio Beijing Flagship Store announcement

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iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle 11

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