28 Mar 2023

SoundBytes on Stream Mic Pro

"With its solid build and omnidirectional sensitivity, this one is definitely a keeper."

SoundBytes recently posted a hands-on review of IK's new iRig Stream Mic Pro, a compact multi-pattern microphone and stereo/4-channel audio interface. One of the coolest features is its selectable polar pattern control that lets you choose between cardioid, figure 8, omnidirectional or stereo pickup patterns to capture audio better in any situation.

Here are some quotes and a link to the full review with audio demos below:

I'm not sure if you can find a better tool for the price for any streaming and/or podcast situation. It absolutely gets the job done far better than I expected for the money.

With its solid build and omnidirectional sensitivity, this one is definitely a keeper.


"Mic Pro is very handy in situations where you need to catch voices from a group of people sitting around a table with the microphone placed at the middle. It is also quite a great tool for interviews, for which purpose you can use Stereo or Figure 8 polar patterns.

Finally, here's something that really stands solidly on the surface of a desk, and you don't need to worry if it will fall in the middle of a session.


"It is far removed from the sound you get from many cheap USB condenser microphones. The sound is clear, with a sharp and well-defined high end. Likewise, with the low end, it captures all the details solidly.

I tested and tried all options by recording some takes with my own voice. iRig Stream Mic Pro easily captured the full frequency range of my voice in those tests.

I went through all the polar patterns and was really pleasantly surprised at how well Omnidirectional captured my voice from all directions.


"The iRig Stream Mic Pro comes with two high-quality condenser microphone capsules offering a totally different recording experience. I think you'll be pleased with the first-rate quality of the raw results. Further processing is just for nailing down a professional-sounding result."

Check out the full SoundBytes review with audio demos HERE.

iRig Stream Mic Pro is available now making it easier than ever to share your voice and music. It combines a professional multi-pattern condenser microphone and 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC into a single ultra-portable solution for music and content creation.


product image

iRig Stream Mic Pro




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