9 May 2023

Stream Mic Pro Gets Results

Tips 4 Social Media: “The perfect mic to use for doing Duets on TikTok.”

Tips 4 Social Media offers guidelines on how to turn TikTok views into followers. First and foremost is the importance of having the best quality audio possible so your message resonates clearly and viewers will want to come back.

IK's iRig Stream Mic Pro is the ideal interface for this, making it easy to get great-sounding audio in all manner of situations. Have a look.

I've made a ton of videos on how to have awesome audio quality when making Duets on TikTok. iRig Stream Mic Pro provides a single ultra-portable solution. I'm already using it!

Tips 4 Social Media

Now you have a quality mic, charged right off of your iPhone, with an adjustable high-pass filter built-in to eliminate Rumble and noise.

Visit Tips 4 Social Media on YouTube.

iRig Stream Mic Pro is available now making it easier than ever to share your voice and music. It combines a professional multi-pattern condenser microphone and 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface for music and content creation.


product image

iRig Stream Mic Pro




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