12 May 2023

Streaming Is Easy with iRig

Molly Rose: “Just plug your phone in here and record directly into TikTok!”

In this video, Molly Rose presents her two favorite iRig interfaces for streaming. She begins with iRig Stream and how easy it is to get audio from multiple sources into her live streams. She then looks at making the most of IK's new iRig Stream Mic Pro for podcasting and other scenarios.

Both iRig Stream and iRig Stream Mic Pro are great at what they do. Watch and find out which one is best for you.

I love the iRig Stream. It's compact. You can bring this on the go. It's grippy and not going to break. It's a great way to live stream. You don't need any other programs.

Molly Rose

iRig Stream Mic Pro is a condenser microphone, but you can also turn it into a cardioid, omni, figure-eight and stereo microphone. So if you're doing podcasting, you could use both sides of it.

Molly Rose

Catch up with Molly Rose on YouTube HERE.

If you stream audio from mixers or other hardware devices, check out iRig Stream. If you're podcasting or creating content in situations that change, learn how iRig Stream Mic Pro adapts to always get the audio right.

Whatever your message, IK interfaces can send it loud and clear.

product image

iRig Stream


product image

iRig Mic Stream Pro



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