13 Jun 2023

iRig Stream Mic Pro for Bass

Hear the live showcase of three "Behemoth" prototype basses

In this video, Dan Thompson of "Guns and Guitars" presents some new "Behemoth" model basses he recently finished for customers. To capture both his voice and the signal from the basses, Dan's new iRig Stream Mic Pro is put to the test.

This is a good example of combining iRig Stream Mic Pro's condenser mic with its onboard stereo input to create professional-sounding content.

Dan talks at length about the features of each bass: the tonewoods, pickups and necks. But how do they sound going through the iRig Stream Mic Pro? You be the judge.

I'm going to do a higher-quality live stream demo than I've ever been able to. This is the iRig Stream Mic Pro.

Dan Thompson

It seems like this mic and its audio interface is working out pretty good!

Dan Thompson

Visit Guns and Guitars for more gear reviews.

Rig Stream Mic Pro is available now making it easier than ever to share your voice and music. It combines a professional multi-pattern condenser microphone and 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface for music and content creation.

product image

iRig Stream Mic Pro




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