29 Sep 2023

Gus G Demos TONEX Modeling

“I have successfully captured the tone of my Blackfire amp!”

In this video, guitarist extraordinaire Gus G uses IK's TONEX and AXE I/O to capture his Blackstar Blackfire 200 Signature amp, which sadly is no longer made. Fortunately, TONEX is perfect for modeling and sharing rare and sought-after gear most of us could never obtain otherwise.

You'll see that Gus has an impressive collection of amps and his goal is to capture all his favorite gear and settings to create a Signature Collection for TONEX. So stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, watch as Gus walks us through the stages of adjusting and capturing his Blackfire amp with some awesome playing along the way.

There are a couple of products I've created that are discontinued such as my Blackfire signature Blackstar, in my opinion, the best-sounding 200-watt they ever made.

Gus G

My thoughts are this sounds damn good. If you close your eyes and you don't know... it's pretty identical. It's mind-blowing, right? Sonically it's there man!

Gus G

Check out Gus G on YouTube for lessons and more.

AXE I/O includes a dedicated Amp Out, so you can create the perfect Tone Models of your amps and pedals using the included TONEX for Mac/PC. Or process your recorded tracks using real guitar amps and stomps without the need for external accessories (and without having to unplug your gear).

This low-noise output also eliminates ground loops during amplification and Tone Modeling to keep your high-gain amps as quiet as possible. Learn more.

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