16 Jan 2024

Recording Mag on Pianoverse

“A galaxy of unique piano-scapes and ivory-tickled textures”

In this review, Recording Mag looks at Pianoverse, giving IK's virtual piano instrument high praise for its sound quality, exceptional effects and affordability. The author explores all of Pianoverse's many features and makes a strong case for giving it a try.

Here are some highlights.

The essence of any piano library is its sound, and IK Multimedia made quite the effort to capture the instruments with exceptional detail.

More than just a sampled piano, parameters for the lid position, the harp resonance and more, typically reserved for modeled instruments, are well implemented here.

Recording Mag

Each piano was sampled remarkably dry—possibly the driest virtual pianos I have ever tried. This allows them to fully take on the characteristics of whatever space you choose to put them in.

If distinct spaces were not enough, Pianoverse includes a host of time-based, dynamic, filter and modulation effects (IK knows a thing or two about effects).

Recording Mag

Kudos to IK Multimedia for creating an outstanding library of expertly sampled and crafted piano instruments, made even better with their host of genuinely unique environments, built-in effects and tweakability, all at a commendable price point.

Might I gently suggest grabbing the All-Access Monthly Plan and checking out IK Multimedia Pianoverse today?

Recording Mag

Pianoverse offers the widest sonic palette available in a single virtual instrument. You can start with one or more pianos, or go for the All-access subscription option like the reviewer above and gain immediate access to all Pianoverse Pianos available now and those coming soon.

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