25 Jan 2024

Sound On Sound on Pianoverse

“Pianoverse is already on its way to becoming the new favourite.”

In the February issue, Sound On Sound reviews Pianoverse and each of the 5 pianos currently available. IK's new piano instrument gets high marks in all areas, so much so that the piano plug-in is becoming the reviewer's new favorite. If you're looking for a virtual piano that can do it all, from live performance to scoring films, Sound On Sound recommends Pianoverse.

Here are some highlights and a link to the full review below.

Pianoverse Pros

  • Beautifully responsive sounds.
  • Close mics make this ideal for jazz.
  • Sostenuto and half-pedalling.
  • Scalable GUI.

All of the pianos are beautifully sampled with exceptional levels of realism that are only enhanced further by the mechanical sounds.

One of the most appealing aspects is the ability to use half-pedalling, which allows for a much more controlled performance.

Sound On Sound

Having such dry piano samples means that you can easily drop them into different spaces and the result is that you have a very clean and realistic sound in whatever setting you place it in.

Sound On Sound

Being able to drop these into the Pianoverse engine where you have equally impressive-sounding Spaces makes this a very enjoyable plug-in, not only to work with, but also to while away the hours playing just for the sheer fun of it.

Sound On Sound

Read Sound On Sound's full review of Pianoverse here.

Pianoverse offers the widest sonic palette available in a single virtual instrument. You can start with one or more pianos, or go for the All-access subscription option and gain immediate access to all Pianoverse Pianos available now and those coming soon.

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