21 Feb 2024

Olexandr Ignatov on Pianoverse

The artist explains why he chose IK’s virtual piano instrument for his new album

Olexandr Ignatov is a Ukrainian composer, music producer and piano artist. He is also known as one of the most prolific and hard-working royalty-free music producers, releasing an amazing quantity of ready-to-use, quality background music for video content. Here he explains why he chose Pianoverse for his new album.

"Such a keyboard + computer connection makes it possible to use different piano sounds, using sample libraries for any taste, and there are many created.

For this album, I exclusively used one of these libraries: Pianoverse from IK Multimedia. It offers several different piano models to choose from, which you can customize however you need.

Olexandr Ignatov

"For the recording, I used the Gran Concerto 278, which is based on a 3-meter Fazioli F278 piano worth over $100.000, considered one of the best instruments in the world by many jazz and classical musicians. This instrument is very sensitive and dynamic, which allows you to play very clearly, which is important to me.

This is exactly the sound I needed for this album. This connection between a Kawai VPC1 and Pianoverse makes me feel like I'm sitting in a hall behind a real piano. It's beyond words. It's a must to try!

Olexandr Ignatov

More about the artist

Olexandr Ignatov's unique piano style is instantly recognizable in his original piano works as well as the piano covers he has done over the years, many of which are #1 on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views.

Check out Olexandr Ignatov using Pianoverse here on Instagram.

Pianoverse offers the widest sonic palette available in a single virtual instrument. You can start with one or more pianos, or go for the All-access subscription option and gain immediate access to all Pianoverse Pianos available now and those coming soon.

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