4 Feb 2024

X-VIBE: A Top 10 Pick for 2024

Ultimate Guitar: “A clear favorite because it just covered so much ground!”

In this round-up of top modulation pedals, Ultimate Guitar recognizes AmpliTube X-VIBE as one of the best. If you love bands like The Police, The Clash and Boston, you know how important chorus, flange and tremolo are. Among modulation pedals, X-VIBE offers the widest range of possibilities to shape your sound.

Whatever your style, here's why X-VIBE deserves to be on your pedalboard according to Ultimate Guitar. Check out the video for a full demo.

Not only will this replace your phaser/chorus/tremolo, but it will do so using algorithms designed around legendary circuits like the Small Stone, Phase 90, Electric Mistress and many more.

Ultimate Guitar

The X-VIBE has already taken the place of my TR-2, CH-1, Electric Mistress, and Phase 90 in my pedalboard and is, so far, a resounding candidate for pedal of the year!

Ultimate Guitar

I've tried a lot of multi-modulation pedals, and there's been a lot of hits in this market. However, the IK Multimedia X-VIBE was a clear favorite because it just covered so much ground.

Ultimate Guitar

I want something to be versatile and powerful, but also plug-and-play ready. The X-VIBE checked those boxes for me.

Ultimate Guitar

Find Ultimate Guitar's full AmpliTube X-VIBE review here.

AmpliTube X-VIBE leverages IK's latest technologies for hyper-realistic emulations of real-world gear. The state-of-the-art DSP onboard offers 16 high-end algorithms, while a special X-MODE opens additional hyper-modulation effects. All combined, X-VIBE delivers amazing clarity to the stage with the realism and response that users love about AmpliTube 5.

product image

AmpliTube X-VIBE



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