5 Mar 2024

Kyle Bull Demos MESA Reference

“All of the best MESA metal amps are finally attainable!”

In this video, Kyle Bull dives into IK's new MESA/Boogie Reference Collection for TONEX. This is the first time he's trying out any of the 70 included Tone Models and he heads straight for the high-gain tones, offering his expert opinion on how they measure up.

Watch as he gives you an unscripted reaction to several of the high-gain Tone Models included in this collection.

Being able to try one of those amps out for yourself in some way shape or form is nearly impossible, trust me I've tried, that is until today.

Kyle Bull

This has everything that I love about rectifiers and it also has something that some of my rectifiers don't.

It a little tighter on the low end for sure, but it's got that ratty aggressive top end and just overall a thick voicing. I like the way that sounds.

Kyle Bull

My 12-year-old self, when I first started playing guitar, would be stoked about that because that sounds exactly like the album tone!

Kyle Bull

Visit Kyle Bull on YouTube for more reviews on guitar gear.

MESA/Boogie Reference and TONEX Pedal make a killer duo. With the included version of TONEX MAX you can choose from thousands more of the world's most sought-after amps, cabs, and pedals – or your own gear, modeled in minutes – then gig with them right at your feet!

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