27 Mar 2024

First Capture with AXE I/O ONE

Dan Leggatt: “This is my first ever capture. I'm impressed with the sound quality.”

In this video, guitarist Dan Leggatt discusses his first experience with the TONEX platform using IK's AXE I/O ONE to capture his Synergy SYN30 with the Friedman module. With its dedicated Amp Out, AXE I/O ONE lets you experiment with cool things like capturing Tone Models of your own gear.

Since then, Dan has created over 75 TONEX Tone Models, including several free ones, which you can find on ToneNET. Check out the video.

The IK AXE I/O ONE is a fantastic little interface. It's made playing plug-ins much more user-friendly.

This interface also lets you do captures for the TONEX software.

Dan Leggatt

This is my first-ever capture. I'm really impressed with the sound quality using some of the tone-shaping from AXE I/O ONE. The preamp in this interface is great!

Dan Leggatt

Visit Dan Leggatt on YouTube for more guitar gear demos and tips.

AXE I/O ONE is the ultimate compact and affordable 1-in/3-out audio interface for guitarists. With the included TONEX and AmpliTube 5 software, it's a complete digital studio rig.

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