28 Mar 2024

TONEX Pedal’s New Chromatic Tuner

This free update is going to free up your pedalboard

We're excited to announce that a firmware update for TONEX Pedal is available today, adding a highly requested built-in chromatic tuner for guitar and bass. If you've been wondering how to improve your pedalboard, this free upgrade is a no-brainer!

The new tuner inside TONEX Pedal can replace any tuner you currently use with its easy-to-read display, selectable reference frequency and three operating modes: Mute, Thru, and Off.

This update and future improvements represent IK's commitment to ongoing TONEX hardware improvements, software refinements and additional Tone Models for the TONEX Ecosystem.

Engaging the tuner

Holding down any footswitch activates the tuner which uses the pedal's large display and footswitch LEDs to make tuning easy and precise, even in the darkest environments. When finished, just press any footswitch to deactivate the tuner.

Setting the frequency

Set by default to A-440, you can change the reference frequency from 415 hertz to 465 hertz and specify the exact tuning pitch of your instrument. This is handy when playing with others who have instruments that can't be tuned to standard pitch, or if you need to tune to pre-recorded tracks that are off-key.

The operating modes

The tuner's standard operating mode is "Mute," which silences the audio output when engaged for discrete tuning on stage or in the studio. But you can change that to "Thru" which allows the audio to pass through while tuning so you always hear your guitar or bass. Selecting "Off" makes the tuner inactive even when holding down a footswitch.

How to update

To make the update to firmware 1.2.3, connect TONEX Pedal to a Mac or PC with an internet connection and launch TONEX. Navigate to the librarian section and select "Update Firmware." Once complete, the pedal will restart automatically with the new firmware installed.

We hope you enjoy your new tuner and look forward to announcing more exciting developments in the TONEX Ecosystem coming soon.


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