18 Mar 2024

Pianoverse 5-star Review

“The Fazioli may be my favorite Pianoverse instrument to date.”

Sound Guy gives IK's Pianoverse 5 stars in all categories in this review on Gearspace. He loves the responsiveness and sounds of each piano and the Gran Concerto 278, based on a Fazioli 278, may be his favorite.

You can get any of the 6 available Pianoverse instruments for $99.99 each. Or go all in with the new Pianoverse MAX version for just $299.99, which gives you 8 pianos including 2 new ones to come.

Here are some highlights and a link to the full review below.

The quality of all the environments and FX is excellent, as are the tones of each piano, from the softest pianissimo to the loudest fortissimo.

Pianoverse Score

  • Sound Quality: 5
  • Ease of use: 5
  • Features: 5
  • Bang for buck: 5
  • Overall: 5

Outstanding Features

  • Excellent piano sounds with great response to playing style.
  • Unique Spaces and FX are included – these are of excellent quality and range from familiar realistic environments to extremely far-out.
  • Excellent set of modeling controls with hammer noise, pedal sounds and even sympathetic resonance adjustable from very low to beyond a sensible level.
  • Samples are very dry so that either the fine internal Space FX, or any other reverb processor you have, can be used to place the piano in an environment.
  • Flexible MIDI CC and MIDI Learn control of all parameters.

In addition to recording the piano strings and case sounds, the additional mechanical and resonant sounds were captured and can be continuously adjusted to create realistic and excellent overall piano performances.

Tone Shift is a fascinating control that is not a simple EQ, but shifts relative harmonics of the notes to great effect.

CPU usage varied from about 1.5% to 3% depending number of notes played and sustained at once. This is similar to my best physically modeled pianos and very reasonable. Latency is zero.

Read the full Pianoverse review here.

Gran Concerto 278 is based on a 9.5' Fazioli F278 Concert Grand piano manufactured by Fazioli Pianoforti of Sacile, Italy, which many jazz and classical players consider to be the finest piano in the world.

You can start with one or more pianos, or go for one of the All-access subscription or Pianoverse MAX options and gain immediate access to all Pianoverse Pianos available now and those coming soon.

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