27 Mar 2024

ARC Studio at Sweetwater

Mitch Gallagher: “This is the dream room correction as far as I'm concerned.”

Whether you're working out of a professional studio, a dedicated home space, or anywhere in between, your mix may be phenomenal within that room, but how it sounds elsewhere is anyone's guess. Enter ARC Studio, IK's one-stop shop for comprehensive room correction that works with any space to improve your mixing.

Sweetwater's premier tone technologist, Mitch Gallagher, explains how ARC Studio helps you nail your final mix. Check it out.

No matter whether you're using monitors that aren't accurate or you're using super expensive, super accurate monitors like these, you can still correct for your room and those monitors are going to perform even better.

Mitch Gallagher

Once I've got everything set the way I want it, all I have to do is hit the store button and everything I've done on the screen will be loaded into the ARC Studio hardware.

Mitch Gallagher

ARC Studio takes the whole software equation out of the picture. We don't have to run a plug-in. We can do everything right here with the hardware. This is the dream room correction as far as I'm concerned.

Mitch Gallagher

Find ARC Studio on Sweetwater.

Upgrade any studio monitors instantly with the first out-of-the-box acoustic room correction system that anyone can afford. ARC Studio combines a standalone correction processor, new ARC 4 measurement software and a room analysis microphone.

product image

ARC Studio



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