26 Mar 2024

Gearnews Reviews ARC Studio

“An excellent improvement that ultimately leads to a better (perfect) mix.”

Gearnews tests ARC Studio and awards IK's new standalone room correction system 4.5/5 stars. The review covers what's new, installation, customization and the advantages of ARC Studio over other, much more expensive, solutions. Finally, Gearnews recommends you try ARC Studio, even if your mixing room is treated acoustically.

Here are some highlights and a link to the full review below:

ARC Studio is an excellent solution that can improve the sound in various studios very well, from home studios to project rooms and professional facilities. And at an attractive price.


Gearnews Rating: 4.5/5

  • Room correction in a standalone hardware
  • No noticeable latency in "Natural Mode"
  • Simple and intuitive measurement workflow
  • Create individual correction profiles
  • Virtual sound profiles from other sound sources
  • Measurement microphone included
  • Updates and settings through the software and the USB-C connection

I am very impressed with the results of ARC in my well-equipped recording studio. With active correction, I get a more defined sound in the bass range. Plus the stereo field is now more resolved and more "tangible."

In my case, several audio groups run from the DAW into different hardware effects and are summed up in the audio interface.

This means that I hardly have any way of using room correction software on my computer. This hardware solves the problem simply and elegantly.

ARC Studio from IK Multimedia is a successful room correction system, especially for sound or project studios that don't work completely "in the box" and analog.

This hardware solution is a perfect add-on, if you want or need to optimize the sound in the music room.

Check out the full Gearnews ARC Studio review here.

Upgrade any studio monitors instantly with the first out-of-the-box acoustic room correction system that anyone can afford. ARC Studio combines a standalone correction processor, new ARC 4 measurement software and a room analysis microphone.

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ARC Studio



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