3 Apr 2024

MESA Tracks with Lonely Rocker

“I love how dynamic it is, from a soft touch to the edge of breakup in one preset!”

The TONEX MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection features the rarest tube guitar amp models from deep inside the MESA Tone Lab, and represents a new benchmark for guitar amp modeling. Lonely Rocker takes the new collection for a spin, recording tracks in the context of a full production. Have a listen.

You know how accurate TONEX capturing can be. Well imagine doing that through the most exclusive MESA/Boogie amplifiers through some very rare MESA/Boogie cabinets with the finest microphones and preamps.

Lonely Rocker

There's probably only a select few guitar players who get to enter the MESA tone lab to play some of the most exclusive Mesa Boogie Amplifiers.

Lonely Rocker

A lot of awesome sounding tones there. I like the variety and the range. I highly recommend that you try them for yourself and IK Multimedia makes it easy.

Lonely Rocker

The Lonely Rocker created several killer AmpliTube presets using the new MESA/Boogie Reference Tone Models. AmpliTube is a seamless way to enhance any TONEX Tone Model. Check out these new presets here:

Find all 70 Tone Models in MESA/Boogie collection HERE and visit Lonely Rocker on YouTube for more reviews.

MESA/Boogie Reference and TONEX Pedal make a killer duo. With the included version of TONEX MAX you can choose from thousands more of the world's most sought-after amps, cabs, and pedals – or your own gear, modeled in minutes – then gig with them right at your feet!

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