30 Apr 2024

New Tone Partner Collections

Learn about this month's new TONEX collections

IK releases 23 new TONEX Tone Partner Collections available now on ToneNET to demo and purchase. 

This brings the total to over 280 collections from top tone creators to play across the entire TONEX ecosystem, including on stage with TONEX Pedal and the new TONEX ONE. You can view the whole list of Tone Partners and their collections here.

New Tone Partner Collections

Matt Fig (1 new collection)

  • Fig Buddha (33 Tone Models based on a Budda SuperDrive Series II Amp)

Amp Gems (3 new collections)

Jason Sadites (1 new collection)

Live Ready Sound (1 new collection)

  • Unchained (52 Tone Models based on Metropoulos DVL-1)

Drums And Tones (1 new collection)

  • Modern Metal Madness Vol 1 (42 Tone Models based on a 5150IIIS EL34, Mesa Dual Rec, Friedman DLX, 5150 Blockletter, PRS MT 15, Engl Fireball, and a "Mystery Amp") 

Tone Wars (3 new collections)

The Studio Rats (13 new collections)

Free Trials and Tone Models

Users can demo any Tone Partner Collection before purchasing. Furthermore, many collections offer a free Tone Model that's yours to keep with TONEX hardware or software. 

Instant Access

Tone Partner Collections and Bundles can be browsed and purchased via ToneNET, IK’s online tone-sharing and social platform, or within any TONEX Mac/PC version, including the free TONEX CS. After purchase, they become activated inside TONEX software by selecting “Restore Purchases” in the Account panel. This instantly downloads all collection Tone Models to the user’s local library, ready to play.

For AmpliTube Too

Tone Partner Tone Models work seamlessly inside AmpliTube 5. The TONEX amplifier and pedal gear models function just like other AmpliTube amps and pedals. AmpliTube 5 presets created using Tone Models can now be uploaded to ToneNET’s preset sharing section.

Tone Partners and users alike can combine their favorite Tone Models with AmpliTube 5’s hundreds of stompboxes, cabs, mics, rack FX, and more to craft complete rigs and share them with their fellow users worldwide.

Pricing and Availability

TONEX Tone Partner Collections are available to demo and purchase via ToneNET and within any version of TONEX for Mac/PC starting at just $/€6.99, with Tone Partner bundles starting at $/€17.99.

For more information about TONEX Tone Partner Collections and to hear the tones, please visit:


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