7 May 2024

TONEX Pedal on Late Night TV

Lyle Workman: “It feels, sounds, and reacts like my favorite amps.”

TONEX Pedal is gaining popularity among professionals, and the latest testament to its sound quality comes from renowned guitarist and composer Lyle Workman.

Lyle recently switched to the TONEX Pedal just in time for his tour with Sarah McLachlan. They performed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show May 7th, and he's using his favorite Tone Models. See the Instagram feed below.

Kyle Workman Pedalboard

The TONEX is a revelation! It feels, sounds, and reacts like my favorite amps.

It gives me all the flexibility and versatility I could hope for, whether in the studio or on stage and has earned a permanent spot on my touring and session pedalboard.

Lyle Workman, Guitarist/Composer (Sarah McLachlan, Sting, Beck, Jellyfish, Todd Rundgren)
TONEX Pedal on TV

TONEX Pedal on Stage

Lyle Workman TONEX ONE

Catch up with Lyle on Instagram HERE.

Lyle Workman knows how everything should sound with gear he's had and recorded with for years. When TONEX Pedal becomes the ultimate choice to replace amps on stage for top guitarists like Lyle, imagine what it can do for you!

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