22 May 2024

Micro Monitors at Coachella

With No Doubt's monitor engineer Eddie "El Brujo" Caipo

Perfecting the mix for stage and in-ear monitoring is an art that requires skill and the right tools. Monitor engineer Eddie Caipo has found those tools in iLoud Micro Monitors.

With their portability and ability to reveal every detail, iLoud Micro Monitors are an intelligent choice for touring mix engineers. For No Doubt's massive reunion performance at Coachella, Eddie fine-tuned their in-ear monitors with Micro Monitors during production rehearsals and mixed their broadcast with great results (see clip below).

Here's why Eddie loves iLoud Micro Monitors:

Anywhere in the world, iLoud Micro Monitors help me provide great mixes for my artists. Whether it's broadcast, a record or IEM mixes, they work flawlessly.

Eddie Caipo

Micro Monitors at Coachella

In my studio or on the road, the iLoud Micro Monitors deliver the best and most reliable sound quality in a small package. The highs are smooth and the low end is punchy.

No matter what I mix through them, it translates everywhere.

Eddie Caipo

Snapshot from Eddie at Coachella

product image

About Eddie Caipo

As a Studio, FOH and Monitor Engineer, Eddie "El Brujo" Caipo has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Currently the Monitor Engineer for Enrique Iglesias and Gwen Stefani, Eddie also had the privilege of working as the FOH and MON engineer for a wide range of artists such as Matchbox 20, Seal, Christina Aguilera, Smash Mouth, Tears for Fears, the Kings of Chaos, Julio Iglesias, Taio Cruz, Jaguares and more.

Learn more about iLoud Micro Monitors HERE.


product image

iLoud Micro Monitors

Available in black or white




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