28 May 2024

TONEX After 6 Months on Tour

Westbrook: “Great tones, all while being easy to use, flexible and reliable.”

Multi-instrumentalist Michael Westbrook has been using two TONEX Pedals on the road with Crowder. After over 80 shows, he loves how well the pedals work for all his instruments.

In this video, Michael presents his pedalboard, which takes advantage of TONEX Pedal's MIDI capabilities. He explains how it works and why he's so satisfied with TONEX. Have a look:

When I was looking to change up my setup on the road with Crowder, I needed something that was going to cover a lot of ground.

The band is all over the place stylistically and in a single set I may play six or seven completely different instruments.

Michael Westbrook

With TONEX I'm able to play my dobro through a cranked Tweed amp on one song then go to a clean DI for mandolin, then on to any number of other things, the options are almost limitless.

Michael Westbrook

There are lots of great amps that I am super familiar with and have played for years. So, the fact that I can capture those amps and take them on the road adds a very personal touch for me.

Michael Westbrook

It's also been a great practice tool. In dressing rooms, I'll just pull out my laptop, use an interface, and plug in directly. I can practice and play my amp tones right there in the green room.

Michael Westbrook

Visit Michael Westbrook on YouTube for more gear reviews, and check out his FREE Tone Models on ToneNET HERE.

Michael W. Westbrook has been a part of the Atlanta music community for over 15 years. When TONEX Pedal becomes the ultimate choice to replace amps on stage for top players like him, imagine what it can do for you!

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