12 Jun 2024

MixbusTv on iLoud MTM MKII

“Among the best compact monitors you can buy right now.”

MixBusTv presents what's new and outstanding about IK's iLoud MTM MKII. As a professional user of the original MTM, David is well-positioned to explain the new version's advanced features and performance.

If you're wondering if the MTM MKII is worth the upgrade and might be right for you, watch the video to find out.

The low end is super tight. The extension is impressive because it's not overhyped and is very tight on the EDM and dance songs I played. That's the one thing that impressed me the most.


This gives me all the information I need. The woofers are fast on the transients, so they reproduce snare transients extremely well, and the top end is detailed but not fatiguing.


The mid-range clarity is massively improved from the previous version. That is arguably the most noticeable difference in sound when you plug them in and compare them to the old model.


Check out MixBusTv on YouTube for more studio tips.

iLoud MTM MKII offers sonic perfection and volume levels previously unavailable in this class of reference monitors. Maintaining its iconic form, MTM MKII sports more efficient drivers and twice the processing power under the hood to turn any space into the ideal mixing and mastering setup.

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