15 Dec 2017

Resolution on T-RackS 5: "Operation is pretty intuitive"

Producer Russell Cottier explains why he is so impressed

Producer, Russell Cottier, who is resident at Liverpool's Grammy Award winning Parr Street Studios, takes a close look at T-RackS 5 for Resolution Magazine: "Easy to use with a variety of useful metering options"

Resolution Magazine's Russell Cottier, who is also resident producer at Liverpool's Grammy Award winning Parr Street Studios, has been taking a close look at T-RackS 5 and was impressed with its ease of use, powerful range of modules, scalability and powerful metering options.

Here are some of his key comments:

"Dyna-Mu gives you L/R and M/S processing, it ranges in utility from gentle kissing of the transients to extreme slamming and seems to perform well with dynamic music without the need to automate threshold too much."

"EQual is a new linear phase equaliser with a variety of different slope types. This is a clean EQ and I found myself using it more often than the analogue models for precision purposes."

"Master Match is actually a pleasure to use and rather effective. In comparison with a track processed by Landr, the Master Match stood head and shoulders about the Landr offering, and of course you can analyse how the EQ curves work."

"The British Channel and Bus Comp offer rather nice SSL-style flavours."

"The software scales to any screen size and presents nicely without the look of reduced resolution."

"Since the mastering chains are associated with each file it is simple to jump between files and tweak for a consistent sound. Load time is almost instantaneous, so the whole process feels rather smooth."

"When viewing the processing chain the operation is pretty intuitive, simple drag and drop actions allow parallel and serial chains to be built up and each module can be bypassed if desired."

Key Plusses:
+ Easy all in one DAW
+ Variety of useful metering options
+ Master Match is actually very effective

Visit Resolution Magazine here
Learn more about T-RackS 5 here



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