8 Nov 2018

iRig Keys I/O makes list of "MIDI Controllers You Need To Know About"

AskAudio announces their list of 5 Keyboard MIDI Controllers You Need To Know About, and iRig Keys I/O had made the cut.

Coming off of AskAudio's review of iRig Keys I/O, they've added iRig Keys I/O to their brand new list of "5 Keyboard MIDI Controllers You Need To Know About"

The iRig Keys I/O series evolves the concept of traditional controllers as the only one available on the market to integrate 25 or 49 full sized keys together with a fully-fledged professional audio interface featuring 24-bit audio up to 96kHz sampling rate, balanced stereo and headphone outputs, plus a combo input jack for line, instrument or mic input (with phantom power). iRig Keys I/O's easy plug and play capabilities, along with the largest selection of software and apps amongst any comparable controller make iRig Keys I/O the ideal portable MIDI controller on the market.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the original review:

"This device feels like a culmination of many of the things IK has figured out while designing products that do just one or two of the things that the I/O can do."

"The audio interface is capable of 24-bit / 96kHz operation and performed well in my tests, capturing a decent level from a studio condenser mic with low noise and negligible latency."

"There is a gap in the market for a truly portable all-in-one box that works with the latest devices, and IK would seem to have come up with one."

Final Verdict:

"As an all-in-one solution for mobile MIDI triggering, monitoring and simple audio recording, iRig Keys I/O is a handy and well thought-out solution that saves you carrying several devices around. Overall, a great concept, and well executed."

Read the full original review here

Learn more about iRig Keys I/O here

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