19 Feb 2019

Davide Barbi & Warren Huart Discuss iLoud MTM

CTO Davide Barbi discusses iLoud MTM with award winning engineer Warren Huart at NAMM 2019.

Warren Huart, an award winning engineer, and (IK CTO) Davide Barbi have an in-depth discussion on iLoud MTM, the new high-resolution compact studio monitor at NAMM 2019. In the interview, they go over how and why iLoud MTM will improve your mixes and bring your work to the next level. Check out some of what was said and the full video below.

iLoud MTM is a new innovative way of listening back to your audio. These 100W (RMS) high-resolution compact studio monitors offer a ultra-flat frequency response, extended low-end, and built-in ARC room calibraition to get the most out of your mixes and audio projects.

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Warren Huart is an English record producer, musician, composer and recording engineer based in Los Angeles, California who has worked as a music producer and/or engineer for artist like The Fray, Aerosmith, Korn, Better Than Ezra, James Blunt, Matisyahu, Ace Frehley and others. He owns and operates Spitfire Studio in Los Angeles and is the founder of an educational website and YouTube channel called "Produce Like A Pro" with over 160,000 subscribers worldwide.

In 1996, IK's now-CTO Davide Barbi began exploring the potential of using DSP to emulate analog circuitry so that the emerging DSP-recording market could benefit from the sound of classic studio hardware. Experiments with modeling a vintage Abbey Road console proved successful, and the result was the formation of IK Multimedia.  Davide is the brains behind IK's technological breakthroughs including DSM™ (Dynamic Saturation Modeling), VRM™ (Volumetric Response Modeling), and more.

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