21 Mar 2019

Chris Lord-Alge Uses iLoud Micro Monitor

"I can check my mixes anywhere" - 5-time Grammy-award winning mix engineer auditions mixes on iLoud Micro Monitor

IK recently visited legendary mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge in his Los Angeles studio Mix L.A. and he was kind enough to talk about how he uses multiple pairs of iLoud Micro Monitor studio monitors to audition his mixes for best possible translation.

I’ve got multiple iLoud Micro Monitors so I can check my mixes anywhere.

Chris Lord-Alge, 5-time Grammy-winning Mix Engineer

Check out this video of Chris in his studio:

Here, Chris gives you more insight into how he uses iLoud Micro Monitor for consistency and to help get the perfect mix.  He's also very excited to add iLoud MTM to his mixing arsenal (and we're excited to have him use our newest in the iLoud line too!).

"Every time I do a mix I like to compare how it sounds on different monitors. I’ve got multiple IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors so I can check my mixes anywhere. I have them in my control room, at individual stations in my studio like my record player and keyboard set up and I also have them at home so I can get a different perspective on the mix in a completely different environment yet still hear the same consistent monitor’s sound. To get the perfect mix these days I will always listen on my CLA 10s and my iLoud Micro Monitors which sound different to each other. The iLoud Micro Monitors will let me hear detail I don’t hear on my other monitors. Soon I’ll also be using the new iLoud MTMs as well which have a larger foot print and will work great on top of my SSL console with them being even louder and also individually powered. I like that the MTMs come with built-in room correction in case I want to move them around to different locations."

Chris Lord-Alge is a 5-time Grammy-award winning American mix engineer known for his use of dynamic range compression in both hardware and software plug-in versions. He has worked with artists such as Cheap Trick, The Rolling Stones, Peter Frampton, Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, James Brown, Prince, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Carly Simon and many other top recording artists.

Photo credits:  Erik Nielsen

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