9 Sep 2019

AXE I/O Artist Round-up

Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, and more talk about the benefits of using AXE I/O.

Since its release, AXE I/O has made its way into home studios, production rooms, travel rigs, and more all across the world!  Designed specifically with the needs of the recording guitarist in mind, AXE I/O takes what you know about a typical recording interface and challenges it to be better.  Every element of AXE I/O has been created with no-compromise quality and real-world usefulness - including both PURE and JFET input stages, a patent-pending Z-Tone™ impedance-adapting circuit, a dedicated Amp Out, and so much more.

Our IK artists have incorporated AXE I/O into their different studios, all finding a different reason to love it.  Check out what some of today’s most skilled guitarists are saying about AXE I/O, IK’s premium audio interface with advanced guitar features:

“AXE I/O ups my game in the studio. When I saw this, I thought ‘oh wow this is great. I know exactly how I’m going to use this.”
- Joe Satriani


“Between AmpliTube and the AXE I/O, I get unlimited combinations of real amp sounds; even at home. Its re-amping gone mad.”
- Marty Friedman

“The AXE I/O is the ultimate interface for guitar players… If you are a recording guitarist, you need this.”
- Gus G

“It covers every base wherever you are... in the studio or on the road”
Mike Orlando


“I've just finished tracking all my guitar parts for the new Testament album and only used the Axe I/O… Don't record your guitar without it.”

- Alex Skolnick

Get your hands on the AXE I/O now to greatly improve and streamline your guitar recording process. Click here for more information.


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