5 Nov 2019

AmpliTube Brian May wins Silver Performance Award from Computer Music

"All the tools you need to achieve his classic signature sound"

Computer Music has reviewed AmpliTube Brian May in their December 2019 issue. They were so impressed they gave it a 9/10 score together with highly sought-after silver Performance Award.
Here are a few of the comments:

"The functionality of the collection is great and the carefully-tailored combo of pre-configured and adjustable parameters hits the mark."

"You get that ballsy scooped sound we know and love, and with minimal amp controls to tweak, you can't go too far wrong."

"The Red Special pedal did a good job of pushing the sound in the right direction, and as an example, our thinner-sounding Strat single-coil took on a much fatter sound simply as a result of selecting the correct option on the pedal."

"Overall AmpliTube Brian May is clearly a highly focussed plugin - it delivers its target incredibly successfully, so in that respect, it's job very much done."

The final verdict was:

"AmpliTube Brian May really hits the mark, providing all the tools you need to achieve his classic signature sound. Signature guitar sounds rely on just the right balance of key components, and this one sets the bar very high indeed."

Key plusses:

+ An excellent emulation of this classic guitar sound
+ Additional 'Deacy' amp simulation
+ Three option treble booster pedal
+ Red Special pedal
+ Brilliant phaser pedal

AmpliTube Brian May receives a 9/10 score and the Computer Music Silver Performance Award

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