12 Feb 2020

MusicRadar on AmpliTube Brian May: "Guaranteed to blow your mind"

"Uncannily real Brian May tones" - 4.5 out of 5 star score

MusicRadar and Guitarist magazine have been piling on the magic with those operatic harmonies, courtesy of AmpliTube Brian May and gear guru Trevor Curwen.
Here are some of his key comments:

"Meticulously modelled on May's studio and live rigs"

"Queen super-fans will go nuts with the home-built "Deacy" Amp, complete with user adjustable battery power, which is modelled here after the original amp built by John Deacon in 1972."

"IK Multimedia have put the Red Special into a stompbox so that you can get its tone no matter what guitar you are using."

"Brian May's epic harmony layers are easily achieved using the three AC30s in a wet/dry/wet configuration, with a little pitch shifting on the left and right channels to give you that wide-sweeping harmony tone as heard on Killer Queen."

"You will spend little time getting to know the software, and all the more time dialling in your favourite tones and experimenting. More time playing."

Trevor's final verdict is:

"The results are, well, guaranteed to blow your mind. Seriously, propelled by the Vox AC30's volatile mid-range crunch, and as good a model of May's signal chain as you will find, that operatic magic is all yours. All you need is the curly hair and the curly guitar lead. Those, we're afraid, are sold separately!"

Key Pros:
+ Uncannily real Brian May tones
+ Make any guitar sound like the Red Special
+ You can stack harmonies with the AC30 multi-amp setup

Keys Cons:
- No complaints!

Final score: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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