Make any studio monitors sound better

High-definition monitoring for all

Upgrade any studio monitors instantly with the first out-of-the-box acoustic room correction system that anyone can afford. ARC Studio combines a standalone correction processor, new ARC 4 measurement software and a room analysis microphone.

There’s a reason all today’s top-tier studio monitors are adding active room correction – it supercharges their performance and ensures mixes translate flawlessly. ARC Studio offers this same massive boost in performance and accuracy to any monitor in every studio.

For the first time in the recording industry, an affordable hardware processor can be used as a correction and calibration system for any type of studio — be it home, project or professional — without the limitations of a software-only system.

ARC Studio step 1 - MEASURE


ARC Studio step 2 - SET


ARC Studio step 3 - FORGET



Standalone digital acoustic correction system

  • Dramatically improves your mixing accuracy
  • Works with any monitor system in any room
  • Installs in minutes in any studio or space
  • Sonically invisible, audiophile performance
  • Emulates top monitors and playback systems
  • Customize your monitors’ performance to taste
ARC Studio
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Power LED indicator

Signal/Clip LED indicator

Correction button

Audio input

Audio output

USB-C connection


ARC microphone

ARC Studio
  1. Power LED indicator
  2. Signal/Clip LED indicator
  3. Correction button
  4. Audio input
  5. Audio output
  6. USB-C connection
  7. DC IN
  8. ARC microphone

Improves mixing accuracy

Your room has a big impact on how you hear your music. The size, shape, materials and furniture all work to distort the frequency and stereo balance of your monitors, degrading your sound.

ARC 4’s all-new algorithm analyzes and corrects these issues in minutes. Your music snaps into focus, with more controlled low-end, tighter transients and pinpoint stereo imaging. It’s like an instant upgrade to your monitors.

And when you trust what you hear, you’ll mix faster and more confidently than ever.

ARC 3D space illlustration

Installs in minutes

Plug the mic into your interface and you’ll be guided through measuring acoustical spots within your listening position. IK’s award-winning ARC technology uses this 3D snapshot to identify and completely correct all the problematic issues degrading your monitors’ performance.

1 Calibrate using ARC Analysis application
Studio wide area GUI detail
2 Transfer calibration file to ARC Studio
Project studio GUI detail
3 Connect ARC Studio to your interface and monitors
Studio back area GUI detail

An all-new listening experience

ARC 4 stores the correction profile and loads it into the ARC Studio processor, sitting invisibly between your interface and monitors to apply to all incoming signals. The standalone processor corrects studio monitors in any studio, including hardware- and console-based setups.

Recording Studios

Audiophile performance

ARC Studio features a 120 dB(A) analog input to analog output dynamic range, 0.5 Hz to 40 kHz frequency response and ultra-stable clocking for vanishing low jitter, offering total sonic transparency and a level of accuracy you only find in mastering-grade audio converters.

The AD and DA conversion in the ARC Studio is the result of long research, experimentation, measurements and listening tests that led to the selection of the AKM Velvet Sound™ converters. They are simply the best sounding ones among all the high-end solutions we tested. Learn More.

ARC Studio connects to your studio and monitors via balanced XLRs with power-safe relay-based hard bypass – so when bypassed you’re protected from sudden power-related pops. Between the premium audio quality and ARC Studio’s all-new correction algorithm, you’ll enjoy the most natural, transparent monitoring ever.

ARC Studio converters

Affordably priced

ARC Studio hardware is not only designed and made in Italy to the highest precision and quality standards, but its clever engineering makes it available at a fraction of the cost of other hardware solutions.

Now everyone can dramatically improve the sound in their mixing environments: from a single pair of monitors to multiple monitoring systems, up to large facilities with multiple mixing and recording rooms.


Improves any studio

For pro studios, whether in-the-box or console-based, ARC Studio allows for a sonically transparent correction and custom-tuning for any monitoring setup from nearfields to mains, preserving the inherent system’s sonic quality.


For DAW-based studios, ARC Studio frees you from the hassle of inserting plug-ins on the master bus of your work and preserves zero-latency monitoring setups, plus it allows you to listen to your preferred streaming service with acoustically corrected monitoring without messing around with system drivers.


You can create a profile for every configuration, listening position or even monitor pair. Whether you’re in a makeshift studio or a world-class one, fine-tuning your monitoring to your taste has never been easier and has never sounded so good.

Recording Studios

Customize your monitors

Customize your setup for ideal performance no matter your preference. ARC 4 offers deep control over each profile so it always sounds its best:

Target curves

ARC 4 now comes with 9 factory target curves for most situations. The default curve offers optimally balanced results with other specific curves for different needs or setups.

ARC 4 Target Curve GUI

Adjustable correction range

By default, ARC corrects the entire frequency spectrum, but you can define limits to both upper and lower correction ranges separately. This is useful if you want to preserve the unique voicing of your monitors or are just looking to correct a certain frequency range.

ARC 4 Adjustable Correction Range GUI

Variable resolution and smoothing

Adjust the resolution of the correction filter to use more or fewer frequency bands. Depending on your room’s unique sound, this lets you achieve more surgical correction, or a broader, smoother balance.

ARC 4 Smoothing GUI

2 Phase Modes

Natural and Linear phase modes ensure precise stereo imaging. Natural mode improves the phase response, while linear phase maintains the original inter-channel phase response, which may be preferable in certain rooms and conditions.


Includes monitor emulations

ARC Studio can be reloaded instantly with new settings using ARC 4 software, which now features a monitor emulation function. Transform you monitoring system into iconic studio monitors, plus popular hi-fi speakers and mobile devices, with breathtakingly true-to-life results, accurately reproducing the frequency and phase response of the originals.

With over 20 profiles included in ARC 4, a single pair of monitors now lets you test your mix on different reference systems quickly, without ever having to head to your car or buy additional pairs of monitors!


The ARC of success

With updateable firmware, ARC Studio offers a future-proof solution that you can rely on for years to come, as your studio grows and evolves.

For Every Studio

  • Compact digital room correction processor
  • High End audio conversion
  • Full-range correction for any kind of audio production
  • Zero latency for real-time monitoring in any setup
  • Improves even untreated or makeshift spaces
  • Ideal for all studios, from in-the-box to console-based

Faster Workflow

  • Includes ARC measurement mic and software
  • Generate correction profiles in just minutes
  • Switch sweet spots for clients, collaborators
  • Test mixes thru virtual monitor profiles
  • Emulate common “real-world” playback systems

Performance and Features

  • Premium AD and DA conversion, total sonic transparency
  • 120 dB dynamic range, ultra-low THD and jitter
  • Natural or linear phase correction
  • Set upper/lower frequency correction limits
  • Up to 9 target curves to fine tune the in-room response

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